Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birthday Gift

I've always been a shy girl, so getting laid had always been a struggle for me. My birthday was coming up and a couple of my best girl friends decided to surprise me by having their boyfriends give me some sex lessons. Apparently, these guys want to strip, so they were going to give all of us a sexy show. I'll have to admit, I was really nervous about this, but I knew this was a once in a life-time opportunity. And I wasn't about to miss out on seeing some hot bods. Shortly after, the guys came in. They both had very built and hunky bodies. My friends introduced them to me, explaining that I was going to be the
main judge. I averted my eyes shyly as I felt my pussy spasm in anticipation. "What do we get in return?" One of the guys asked. We told the guys the winner of the strip show would get a handjob from all of us. I could feel my hands sweat in nervousness as the guys glared down at me, obviously eager to shed their clothes. They wasted no time as Carlos went first, slowly taking off his shirt. As he removed his clothing they encouraged me to spank his bare ass. I was timid, but I couldn't resist. It was all so naughty, but it felt so good. I loved being in control, telling him what to do. It was such a liberating change from my usually shy disposition. Danny was next, pulling off his shirt and swinging it over his head. It was a pleasant surprise, as I noticed that both guys went commando.

He pulled down his pants, exposing his hard cock... bucking his hips hypnotically at us. I couldn't wait to run my hands all over his juicy cock and ass. I wanted it so bad, I could almost taste it. Danny stopped stripping and it was time to declare the lucky winner. We all huddled together after the striptease to discuss which guy would win the contest. I was so horny from watching Danny's striptease that I told the girls I wanted him to win the ultimate prize. Both girls agreed and smiled as we announced the winner. This was it, it was time for me to fulfill my sexual hunger. I got on my knees in front of Danny and began milking his cock with my wet hand. I'd never would have thought it would be so intimidating. I mean, his huge dick was throbbing so hard in my hand. I wanted to give him the best pleasure he'd ever had. Tracy felt bad for Carlos, sitting on the couch and looking so lonely. So she gave his cock some much needed attention. Moaning and sucking on his wood. I worked on Danny's cock as more..

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